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Energy storage 15 kWh wall mounted battery


6 149,00 €

Fits locations that already have solar panels/windmills installed and a hybrid inverter is installed. 


L x W x H (cm): 66,9 x  x 19,5 x 135,1

Weight (kg): 135 kg


Three years

Protection system

Overcharge | Overdischarge | Overcurrent | Shortcircuit | Overtemperature

Safety standard: UN38.3 | MSDS | CE


Working temperature: -10 C - +50 C

Sealevel: max 1.500 m

Humidity: 0-95 % (no condensation


Battery type: LiFePO4

Voltage window:  44.8-58.4V

Normal capasity (AH):

Fast Charge voltage: 57.6V

Folat Charge voltage: 56V

Max continues Discharge Current: 100A

Max pulse discharge current: 150A 1 sec

Max Pulse continuous charge current: 100A

Communication method: RS485 / CAN

Cycle life: up to 8000 cycles

Installation time

About a half-day project from our specialists. The installation price is calculated on top after specifications are received from your house.

Material / Color

Metal / white

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