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Energy storage that is integrated to solar panels or windmills allows you be power independent for more than six months even in the Baltic Sea region. 

Be power independent

Electricity contracts that follow market price are always cheaper than fixed contracts in the long-run. But some hours can be super expensive. Energy storage allows to charge your property during low-priced hours, and use energy from the storage during peak-rates.

Create savings

Because our society will use more and more electricity every month (for example due to e-vehicles) there will be a shortage of electricity. For example the current government of Finland is planning to make a system to organise rotating power cuts to keeps electricity available.

With your own energy storage you will keep your property in operation during power-cuts.

No more power cuts

Solar panels and windmills create so much energy during summer months that without energy storage solution you must "sell" the extra energy to the grid. 

And this is getting economically very expensive solution.

No need to sell to the grid


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