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Juris is our Baltic market opener, who is used to work with demanding projects. His strong expertise in our project are sport and other public sector facilities.

Mobile LV | WA +371 26 431 300


Juris Kokainis

Public and home premises are Hannu's playground. He has delivered dozens of demanding recycling and waste management solutions globally. 

Mobile LV | WA +371 22 323 532


Hannu Parviainen

Arturs' team will install and service our products. He has expertise of proving modern lightning and ventilation solutions for public space.

Mobile LV | WA +371 29 392 311


Arturs Zavjalovs

Miikka has strong experience with demanding project management. He has followed the energy storage market development over five years.


Mobile FI | WA +358 40 560 2995

Mobile LV +371 273 03 108


Miikka Vahtera

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