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Industrial Energy Storage Solution 2000-4000 kWh



2000 - 4000 kWh 40ft container type BESS battery storage system.


The prices (vat. 0 %) are estimations for each BESS capacity. We will always quote you a price based on your project needs. The pricing estimate includes the local waste management charge for batteries.


Different battery capacities, loads, and battery usage hours can be customized according to customer requirements.

BESS Capasity


A 3-year warranty is included in the price if the annual service program is followed. Can be extended up to 15 years with an extra premium.

Installation Time

The estimated installation time at the location is about one week for our team of specialists.  The system is pre-assembled, and pre-tested to make the installation easy.


Forced air cooling for power electronics. Air-condition for battery systems with heater and dehumidifier, 5 kW x 1 or 2, UL compliant.

Fire Extinguisher System

FM200 or NOVEC 1230 or water

Sensors: smoke and heat

Back-up batteries included (2)

Manual release supported

Delivery Time

Normal production and shipment time is between 4-6 months from the order.

Enviromental conditions

Max elevation: 3.000 m

Temperature: From -20 C to +50 C

Humidity: 0-95 % (No condensing)


70 dB



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